Inside the Black Mirror

Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.
William Pollard

Are you sick about today’s generation?

Face it, fellas! The 21st century is not our temple anymore.This period is the hell hole to incinerate and roast others for their self-proclaimed fame.

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There is always a room for everything and the mainstream platform evolves every day that becomes bigger and wider the cyberspace. It is our platform of information and now it became the spawning ground of malicious, racial, sarcastic and egotistic acts. As what the new age quotation says:

We are what we post.

Blatant mouth is not an excuse for irresponsible posting; hating of other person’s post is also illogical (unless it is a negative thought that might break you). All we need to do is think before we post. We have the capacity to build and destroy bonds with other people, we have the power to influence a decision, composure, and growth.

We need balance and peace, everyone! Don’t let your hate become the source of pain in this agonizing world we’re living.


Freedom of speech isn’t prohibited but a sharp tongue without wisdom is relative to ignorance.

C’mon! We’re not kids anymore! We have the brain to critically think about our actions. As to what I’ve observed to this generation, (as if I’m too old to comment and was born in the 80s), we depend on what we always see and what we know is accessible our own black mirrors. We created technology; now, technology breaks through to control us.

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There’s more to life, don’t let yourself go old staring in your black mirror

Disclaimer:  This post is just a reflection of my perspective about the evolving technology. I’m not hating or bashing about the improvement or innovation of our technology, I also use it every day and there’s no escape to this.