Mystery Circle

My story proceeds with a dark and winding road of realization. It’s late at night when my friend called me, he ask me to accompany him to a place he want to discover. We are going somewhere far where I can see the world deep down its core.
It’s overwhelming, the rumors are true. When you’re there you would feel the dark energy coming out from the trees. From a prestigious place by day lies a midnight secret, a haven for fun and satisfaction. A place where they can enjoy playing by themselves or tagging along with others.
It’s a spawning ground for disease. Everyone is anonymously hidden.Take note, Black Fabric to hide under the shade of light and blend in with darkness. The innocence is indeed unknown under their skin. But for me, it is time to remove my light.
It’s frightening to be left in the dark. The idea of entering the circle isn’t easy but I need to overcome my fear.
Everyone is staring; looking at each other, finding the right person to be their victim. It is dreary, dark and mystical. The lights at the outskirt is just a thin lining to cover the life inside the circle. I’ve been here for the first time and I was battling for my insanity. 
These people had no choice but to cope up with the mystery behind the oblation. I can see their desperation and desire to be on top of things. 
It is a sedative that will break your heart and soul. A one night that will define you as a human being. it seems like we’re loosing our self appreciation and granted this people a chance to defy who you really are. These people come and go. once they are done , they’ll forget you as if nothing happened.
These trees serves as their shelter when things are ready. A system and a cycle that is never ending. It feels like you’re up for the verdict of the others. Lining up for the result of your CT Scan.It is easy to make stories but it is hard to forget. It’s my history from now on. I won’t let my self be fed by the darkness of their souls.


When Perfection is not enough


We are dictated by our social norms, attitude, skills and by our parents (Sometimes or maybe all the time for some).

We’ve been through a lot and every day is another day to fight. We’re drowned and blinded by our perfection; to strive hard and be better. But when is the perfect time to stop? When will you be perfectly enough?


We were taught by our parents to dream big and reach for the sky. We follow the rules as they set the example of how we become the person they want us to be. I realize how hard for the others to make their own decisions, especially when they are bounded by their parent’s dreams. They want you to become someone who you’re not.

We cannot blame them for what they want, but they forget that we have our own life.

We live by expectations and suffer from odd frustrations, we live by what we know is right and then they come along to the rescue! Of course, we came from different culture and tradition and I cannot generalize that we all have the same parent who is strict, fickle minded and abusive or a parent who is caring, lovable and affectionate. Either way, we simply need to stick with the rules, they will always be our parents and they are the ones who are very well-known for criticizing our mistakes.

giphy (9)

We became the standard of their perfection.

I grew up being independent on what I want in my life (from my Graduating high school and up to now). My parents usually advise me on what should I do about the path I’m taking but they never dictate nor force me to become the man whom they want me to be. But one thing I wish for them to notice my goodness because sometimes all they can see is my imperfections. You want to be perfectly enough but you’re not.

giphy (10)

We set our standards high, So they expect high.

Just like a bread, we are crumpled, crushed and punched before we became a perfectly kneaded dough. This process takes time and effort, no one bakes with a single ingredient, a dough does not bake on its own and a perfectly baked bread requires a certain amount of sweat, tears, and blood to shed until it is ready to be served.

giphy (8)Don’t let them consume you because you’re perfectly enough.

Rise up and stand, seize the day and be proud.We are not written in books but we can be the writer of our own story.

It’s not bad to dream high, we are the makers of our own story. This is no fair tale but our stories are too damn good be one.


Inside the Black Mirror

Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.
William Pollard

Are you sick about today’s generation?

Face it, fellas! The 21st century is not our temple anymore.This period is the hell hole to incinerate and roast others for their self-proclaimed fame.

giphy (6)

There is always a room for everything and the mainstream platform evolves every day that becomes bigger and wider the cyberspace. It is our platform of information and now it became the spawning ground of malicious, racial, sarcastic and egotistic acts. As what the new age quotation says:

We are what we post.

Blatant mouth is not an excuse for irresponsible posting; hating of other person’s post is also illogical (unless it is a negative thought that might break you). All we need to do is think before we post. We have the capacity to build and destroy bonds with other people, we have the power to influence a decision, composure, and growth.

We need balance and peace, everyone! Don’t let your hate become the source of pain in this agonizing world we’re living.


Freedom of speech isn’t prohibited but a sharp tongue without wisdom is relative to ignorance.

C’mon! We’re not kids anymore! We have the brain to critically think about our actions. As to what I’ve observed to this generation, (as if I’m too old to comment and was born in the 80s), we depend on what we always see and what we know is accessible our own black mirrors. We created technology; now, technology breaks through to control us.

giphy (7)

There’s more to life, don’t let yourself go old staring in your black mirror

Disclaimer:  This post is just a reflection of my perspective about the evolving technology. I’m not hating or bashing about the improvement or innovation of our technology, I also use it every day and there’s no escape to this.