Dark Alley

There are things that we cannot understand in a simple blink of an eye.  Seeing the spectrum of a radiant shine of the sky can hurt one’s eye but as a boy with a dream continue to grow; there is no limitation.

With a gloomy look at his face barefooted, Andrei walks slowly towards the alley slightly lit coming from the households. Crying his heart out for help he was ignored by many and thought he was crazy. In the dark path where he was walking, he saw a little boy with a malevolent smile approaching him and offers a piece of bread. He bends his knees and initiates a conversation with the boy.

“Hey! Thanks! What’s your name kid? I’m Andrei and I’m new here. Where are your parents?”  He asks reluctantly.

With a pen ready on his right hand the little boy brings out a piece of paper and started writing:

Hi! I’m Frank! My parents are busy selling goods at the market and I’m here with my sister, Angelica.

Andrei was stunned realizing that he is interacting with a mute kid.

“Ohh, I see. Then why are you still here? Aren’t you supposed to be at home by this time? It’s past midnight.”  His face looks worried.

We are actually waiting for you. We know for a fact that you’ll be here with us Frank and finally tonight our path crossed.

            Puzzled with a lot of questions, he doesn’t know how to react on what Andrei meant. A mixture of cold breeze and tension struck him. The boy in front of him talks out of context and that’s what makes the situation he’s into more confusing.

“Do I know you? Have we met before?”

You should know the feeling of being alone. Don’t be afraid Andrei you will never feel that pain again.

            “What do you mean by that? Are you going nuts? I’m not here to play with you kid. Better scare other people than me.” He shouted and turned his back returning to the path he had been.

A loud bang from the other side of the alley can be heard that stops Andrei from walking. He saw a group of teens running towards him holding a bottle of Molotov and started throwing it to different directions that set fire to the households. He was utterly speechless and frightened to what he is seeing. He heard loud squeals of poor souls running with their bodies on fire and one walking towards him.

giphy (11)

While he was focusing and trying to stop the madness of his own mind, burnt newspapers descend on the floor. Some of the articles are readable and he picks it up.

Written on the paper was about the Burning of the alley 5 years ago caused by homeless teenage boys. Ashes from the building started to fall as if it is raining. The eerie vibe of the place grew worst causing him a hard time to think straight.

“What is the meaning of this? This can’t be happening.”

“Yes, it already happened. And how come you don’t remember what happened?” An unfamiliar voice echoed.

He turns his back and is mortified by the burnt face of a teenage girl. Panic attacked him. He started to think of his way out and there is only one thing left on his mind, to escape the situation he’s been into.

“I CAN’T DIE TONIGHT.I just simply can’t. There’s a lot of things that I still need to accomplish.” He shouted.

“Why don’t we accomplish the things you need and let’s start with this?” Angelica said.

“What are you saying? I barely know you and I don’t have any intentions of knowing you further.”

“too late Andrei, I’ve known you too well; too well that I have your fate in my hands and their hands.

A group of people swiftly appear at the back of Angelica. Staring at him intently that piercing stare has a unified message you’re bound to be with us Andrei, don’t evade your reality.

                He runs until he still feels that his foot is on the ground. Andrei runs as fast as he can for he knows as this might be the last of his life.

                “Stop running! There’s no way you can escape this! We’re already dead!” Angelica shouts at the top her lungs.

                A burning sensation from his feet grew upward to his body. As he turned left, he was stunned. He saw his reflection; he was half alive with his face severely burnt.

                Still, engross with the story he is currently writing,

                “In a minute mom!” Andrei shouted. Closing his laptop Andrei heads out of his room to eat his lunch.


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