Watch What Happens

“Write what you know”
so they say, all I know is I don’t know what to write
or the right way to write it.

-Katherine Plumber, Newsies Musical

As of Now, I am living the life of Jack Kelly not literally but metaphorically. 

Strong willed. Caring. Dreamer.tumblr_nnhxbqWeDl1utn3ffo1_500

Weeks from now I’ll be facing new people who share the same passion like me ( Not all actually but I’m looking forward to working with them). I voluntarily work with Telstra Foundation and will open their 3rd season in the last week of July at Pasay North High school. It is their 3rd year of Helping and Nurturing students in different walks of life. Saturdays are fun when you’re on the run to teach students about theater.

I’m not a professional actor nor a professional educator but what I know about is:

Sharing is less painful than paying.

Well known for my pabibo kid moves in terms of brainstorming and leadership back when I was in high school, I became one of the students whom you can rely on. Before entering college I have this speck of dream to become an educator. I took Mass Communication to Overcome my fear of people; On this serious note,  Social Anxiety remains but once I get along with others, I furiously run on your doorstep like flash.

Strike for a Change and Watch What Happens

The excitement and thrill of knowing new people with different personalities are the best. My hopes and dreams are high and becoming a professional theater actor is a long way up to the cellar but this is enough to fuel my passion in educating and sharing my experiences to this young fellas.

Like what Jack Kelly said:

For A dreamer, night’s the only time of daytumblr_mbw57olwsl1r5wzpco1_500.gif

And as for the Newsies:

When you got a million voices singing, who can hear a lousy whistle blow?


Opportunities are just around the corner and one thing I know is that someday my own dreams will chase after me and sit while we both watch it all happen.


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