Start Up for a Grown Up

It has been 2 Months since I’ve graduated from College and Now here I am blogging to keep my sanity from being trapped inside the concrete cage, Our House.

It’s easy to find a Job but becoming part of a company isn’t.


Most people would say that don’t push yourself to much on finding a job, it will come in the right time, but for me, I became more skeptical finding the Job Description that fits for me(especially when you do a lot of acting activities for the past 4 years of my life.

Yes, you read it right. Acting is my life. Poor Vixen knows other stuff but I am trapped.

What makes it hard for me is that I am helpless but keep waving through a small crack of fortune to become that person whom I want to be, A professional actor in theater.

There are shattered dreams that wander around the corner and I won’t let my fear of failing gets in my way.

My best girlfriend once told me “At least you know the path you’re taking, unlike me.”


Do I really know? Yes, I know. But where do my feet take me? Where is the clearer path I am looking forward to?  I’m knocking hard on the surface, do I need to knock it off harder?

I’m not a child anymore and on this day forward, this will be the start of my Journey being a grown up.





Yes, you! Well, you don’t know me but I know you.

I’m not here for a serious business, I’m here to be clever.

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About Me

Down to the serious Business, I’m not really fond of writing and it is my worst enemy in terms of my art appreciation paradigm.

Yep, I’m not into writing (I had this moment in my life particularly when I was in my 8th grade, I became obsessed with Harry Potter together with my best friend Sandra and “I decided” that we should write something like Harry Potter and become a well-known author but we ended up finishing none of the 10 installments “I planned” to write)  but I love books, paintings and other Art forms including the human anatomy.

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What is my Writing Style?

In terms of style? I mess it all up. I don’t have any style to follow because at the end of the day

My understanding of writing is typically the most important thing here.

You might read it all wrong and will become confused if you’re reading an ancient scripture from the old colony of Sumerians, but as long as you understand what I am talking about you’re smart fella!


Don’t freak out! I’m here to guide you towards the Universe I’m building.

What is your plan for your blog?

Daily Blog. Random Blog. Awesome Blog.Absolutely nothing blog.

I’m here to chill out and release tension in my head while I’m still free from catching freaky Jellyfish. It might go down to my personal experiences or to my Diverse Universe wherein Marvel and DC heroes do not exist.

And One day you won’t be able to handle my Blog posts from its awesomeness.


And For the most Serious Note, You’ll Ever Read

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Enjoy! And don’t let anyone ruin the awesome YOU!